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 Promoting independence through vision  rehabilitation.


Personal Stories: Crystal

Crystal lost some vision because of diabetes.

Rather than limit her activities, she chose to look at them as challenges. Crystal met with a vision rehabilitation professional. She received training on how to use certain low vision aids. As a result, Crystal made several changes to her home and simplified her life.

First, raised markings were applied to the most common settings on her microwave dial. This allowed her to more safely adjust the oven.

Better lighting in her stairways, closets, and home workshop made it safer to move about. A magnifier for reading food labels made controlling her diet easy. Special checks with large print and raised markings simplified paying bills. A special needle allowed her to continue sewing, one of her favorite activities.

For Crystal, the result was increased safety, more freedom, and restored confidence.

Crystal with her trainer.
"With training, it became easier to keep my independence."

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