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Personal Stories: Earnest

Earnest has lost a lot of his side vision because of glaucoma. He found it difficult to do his job.

He made some changes to his office so he could work better. A talking computer keeps him up-to-date on sales figures. Writing was very difficult until he used better lighting. A vision rehabilitation teacher showed Earnest how to use a writing guide to help write clear notes and employee memos.

Learning to get around safely from an orientation and mobility specialist helped him travel independently.

He also joined a support group to talk about the challenges, frustrations, fears, and unhappiness that can come from living with low vision. At first, he felt that his vision loss would keep him from doing the things he liked to do. In the end, he found that wasn't true.

Earnest using a computer.
"A closed circuit television helps me manage my work and staff."

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