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NEHEP Partnership Directory

Council of Citizens with Low Vision International

2200 Wilson Blvd., Suite 650
Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: 1-800-733-2258
Web Site:


Joyce Kleiber, LCSW


  • Mission:

    The Council of Citizens with Low Vision International is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization that addresses the needs of people with low vision. The Council is affiliated with the American Council of the Blind. The mission of the Council is to establish the right of people with low vision to make full use of their vision through all necessary aids, services, and technology; to provide a means through which people with low vision can express their individual needs, interests, and preferences; to educate the public, professionals, and people with low vision themselves about the potentialities, capabilities, and needs of people with low vision; to establish outreach programs to ensure that everyone with low vision has access to necessary services; to promote needed research to prevent loss of vision and improve maximum use of sight; and to support the development of preservice and in-service professional training programs to expand comprehensive low vision services throughout the country.

  • Membership/Affiliates:

    The Council has about 350 members, as well as members at large. It also has six chapters.

  • Programs/Activities:

    The Council sponsors Project Insight, a peer-support network that offers outreach to people experiencing vision loss by members throughout the country who volunteer to offer information and support to people who call the Council’s toll-free number.

    The Council provides competitive scholarships to college and graduate students who have low vision or who are preparing for careers in which they will offer services to people who are visually impaired.

    The Council offers a memorial award of technology program in honor of the President

    The Council focuses on advocacy.

    The Council has a monthly conference call entitled “Let’s Talk Low Vision”, available to the public, coordinated by a low vision doctor as well as guest speakers on various low vision related topics.

  • Meetings:

    Annual convention in July in conjunction with the American Council of the Blind

    State and local affiliates schedule meetings and conferences

  • Publications:

    Vision Access: Quarterly magazine, available in large-print, cassette,
    e-mail, audio CD, and data CD.

Date Last Updated
January 2012

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