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NEHEP Partnership Directory

The Glaucoma Foundation

80 Maiden Lane, Suite 700
New York, NY 10038
Phone: 212-285-0080
Fax: 212-651-1888
Web Site:


Scott Christensen
President and Chief Executive Officer

Marianne Howard


  • Mission:

    The Glaucoma Foundation is the premier international nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating glaucoma, the leading cause of preventable blindness affecting 3 million Americans. The mission of the Foundation is to raise public awareness about the need for regular, comprehensive eye exams and to fund critical research seeking new treatments and cures for glaucoma.

    The Glaucoma Foundation is ready with resources to partner with other organizations and community groups that share our vision of a world without blindness. Together we can help eradicate blindness from glaucoma.

  • Programs/Activities:

    The International Think Tank on Optic Nerve Rescue and Restoration.

    Scientific grants, awarded semiannually for innovative research to improve the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

    Lunch and Learn Program for educational outreach on glaucoma with talks by a physician and a patient.

    Glaucoma Awareness Month in January. Poster, literature, media press kits.

  • Publications:

    Glaucoma at a Glance: A statistical fact sheet providing an overview of the disease and those whom it affects.

    Glaucoma The Leading Cause of Preventable Blindness: A bi-fold brochure detailing risk factors, diagnoses, procedures, and treatments.

    Share Our Vision: A tri-fold brochure explaining the programs, research, and educational services of the Foundation that can be accessed worldwide.

    Doctor, I Have a Question: a 28-page patient booklet outlining aspects of the disease, medications, and treatments, as well as surgical procedures.

    You and Your Glaucoma Medication: a how-to-guide on taking eye drops most effectively, with diagrams and patient tips.

    Eye to Eye: quarterly newsletter providing updates on medical news and research, treatment information, and answers to commonly asked hotline questions.

Date Last Updated
January 2012

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