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NEHEP Partnership Directory

American Diabetes Association

1701 North Beauregard Street
Alexandria, VA 22311
Phone: 703-549-1500
Fax: 703-549-1715
Web Site:


Cassie Rico, M.P.H., RD
Associate Director, Medical Affairs and Health Outcomes
Phone: 703-549-1500 ext. 4811


  • Mission:

    The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is the Nationís leading voluntary health organization providing diabetes research, information, and advocacy. We are working to prevent and cure diabetes; provide information and other services to people with diabetes, health professionals, and the general public; and lead advocacy efforts on behalf of people with diabetes. Founded in 1904, ADA provides services in communities nationwide.

  • Membership/Affiliates:

    ADA has more than 1 million volunteers, including a membership of 390,000 diabetes patients and their families, as well as a professional society of more than 14,000 health and medical professionals.

  • Programs/Activities:

    Research activities involve learning more about the causes of diabetes, treatment, factors leading to complications, and, ultimately, a cure.

    Information activities address improving the quality of life for people with diabetes by providing educational programs and publications; informing the public about the risk factors, the warning signs, and the seriousness of diabetes; and keeping health professionals up-to-date on the latest developments in diabetes treatment.

    Advocacy efforts involve increasing public awareness and aiming to improve health care and the lives of everyone affected by diabetes.

  • Meetings:

    Annual Scientific Sessions (June), Postgraduate Course (January), and other symposia provide opportunities for diabetes specialists and researchers to share information.

  • Publications:

    Professional and health educational materials are available. Contact ADA for a complete listing.

Date Last Updated
January 2012

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