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What is National Vision Rehabilitation Day?

National Vision Rehabilitation Day (NVRD), first launched in 1995, is an annual public awareness campaign designed to educate Americans about the prevalence of vision impairment and the critical importance of vision rehabilitation services--counseling and training--in helping people overcome the challenges of vision loss.

Each fall, the Lighthouse bands together with dozens of other national nonprofit organizations to encourage people who are visually impaired to use the restorative vision rehabilitation services available in their communities.

What is the theme for NVRD 2002?

"Vision Loss is Not a Normal Part of Aging" will be the rallying theme for the interactive events, workshops and educational programs hosted by participating organizations for individuals who are visually impaired, as well as their family and friends, to enlighten them about the benefits of rehabilitation services. Most people are not aware that there are organizations and specially trained professionals available to help them when faced with the challenges of vision loss.

Lighthouse International's "Vision Loss is Not a Normal Part of Aging" campaign features two new booklets, "Vision Loss is Not a Normal Part of Aging--Open Your Eyes to the Facts" and "Family and Friends Can Make a Difference: How to Help When Someone Close to You is Visually Impaired." The material in the booklets was drawn in part from research funded by the AARP Andrus Foundation and from supplemental funding from the National Eye Institute.

What is the prevalence of vision loss?

The prevalence of vision loss is greater than commonly recognized. According to the Lighthouse National Survey on Vision Loss (1995), one in six Americans (17 percent) aged 45 years or older, representing 16.5 million middle-aged and older adults, report some form of vision impairment even when wearing glasses or contact lenses.

For additional information or for a free copy of the booklets and other campaign materials, visit the National Vision Rehabilitation Day Web site at or call Lighthouse International's toll-free number at 1-800-829-0500.

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