Dr. Michael Chiang

Messages from Dr. Michael Chiang, NEI Director

The ability of NEI to remain at the forefront of vision research and to ensure that scientific discoveries truly benefit all depends on a workforce with diverse skill sets, viewpoints, and backgrounds. NEI is committed to breaking down the barriers that prevent the full breadth of talent from contributing to the biomedical research enterprise. 

Cultivating Gender Diversity

May 26, 2021

Promoting diversity within and beyond the National Eye Institute includes ensuring that women are provided opportunities to bring their expertise and insights to our research and clinical practice. At NEI, we are working to make progress in recruitment of women scientists. Since Fall 2016, our Intramural Research Program – comprising scientists and clinicians who work in laboratories on the NIH campus -- has recruited seven tenure-track investigators, of whom four are women. We will continue to take steps in the direction of addressing gender imbalance in NEI’s Principal Investigator ranks.

Beyond our own staff at NEI, I am determined to reflect the values of gender diversity in the panels and symposia I participate in. NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins has spoken out against all-male speaking panels. Like Dr. Collins, I will decline to participate in scientific panels where women are conspicuously missing. I look forward to having women researchers consistently represented and heard at scientific meetings.

Ending Structural Racism at NIH

March 1, 2021

As Director of the National Eye Institute, I am proud to be part of NIH as we take a stand against structural racism in biomedical research.

Under the leadership of NIH Director Francis Collins, we have launched a new initiative called UNITE, which has already begun to identify short-term and long-term actions to address structural racism at NIH, the institutions we support, and anywhere where NIH research activities take place. We are also issuing a Request for Information (RFI) seeking input from the public and stakeholder organizations about our plans as we move forward. 

The RFI is open through April 9, 2021, and responses to the RFI will be made publicly available. You can learn more about NIH’s efforts, actions, policies, and procedures via a newly launched NIH webpage on Ending Structural Racism aimed at increasing our transparency on this important issue. 

We look forward to working together on this critical effort. 


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Last updated: May 26, 2021