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NEI Women Scientists Advisory Committee (WSAC)

Women Scientist Advisors (WSA) are women, chosen by female PI colleagues within their Institute, whose role it is to work collectively with WSA representatives from other Institutes across the NIH to advance the scientific careers and scientific contributions of women within the NIH Intramural Research Program. A goal of the WSA is to increase the proportion of women at NIH in the tenure track program and in senior investigator positions by focusing on recruitment, retention, and recognition of women scientists and fair treatment with respect to salary, space, and other resources.

In addition to representing NEI on the WSA Committee, the NEI WSA provides forums to communicate and discuss issues of interest to women scientists within NEI in an effort to maintain a quality scientific work environment. Issues discussed at each trans-NIH WSA meeting are communicated to all staff attending the NEI Scientific Director’s monthly Lab/Branch Chief meeting and are also disseminated to all women PIs whose role it is to share with other women (staff scientists, staff clinicians, fellows, and students) in their research teams. Groups of women scientists meet regularly to discuss various topics pertinent to their professional activities, including scientific exchange and networking, professional development and training, mentoring, balancing family and work/life, personnel issues, and administrative relations.


Mary Frances Cotch, Ph.D.
NEI WSA Representative
(301) 435-8806

Last Reviewed: 
March 2014