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The Eye Clinic: Chi-Chao Chan, M.D.

Chi-Chao Chan, M.D.

Chi-Chao Chan, M.D. is the chief of Immunopathology Section, Laboratory of Immunology and the Head of Histology Core at the National Eye Institute (NEI), National Institutes of Health (NIH). In 1967, Dr. Chan graduated from Chungzhan Medical College (now known as Sun Yat-sen University) in Guangzhou, China. She earned her A.B. in 1972 and M.D. in 1975 at Johns Hopkins University. Following medical school, she completed her medical internship at Maimonides Medical Center in New York and ophthalmology residency at Stanford University Medical Center. Continuing her educational enrichment, Dr. Chan completed two post-doctoral fellowships in ophthalmic pathology at the Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute in 1982, and clinical ocular immunology/uveitis at the NEI in 1985. She is a board certified ophthalmologist and obtained a license of Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA), certifying her in clinical laboratory diagnostics in ophthalmic pathology and molecular pathology.

Dr. Chan became an NEI employee in 1982 and throughout her 26 years at the NEI she has had extensive experience in ophthalmic pathology and clinical ocular immunology. Dr. Chan is a world expert in intraocular lymphoma, immunopathology of uveitis, molecular pathology of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), ocular lymphoma and von Hippel-Lindau disease. Due to her studies she has provided the health field with a deeper understanding of the development of these diseases. In addition to her research, Dr. Chan continues to help patients manage with eye diseases. Currently, she is involved in studies surrounding intraocular lymphoma, uveitis, and the genetics of AMD.