Web-based Resources


NEI Healthy Eyes Webpage

Encourage people to visit the Healthy Eyes site for information on keeping their eyes healthy and the importance of regularly scheduled comprehensive dilated eye exams.

National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP) Website

Visit the National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP) Website to find scientifically based health information that can be applied to preserving sight and preventing blindness.

National Eye Institute Website

To find additional information about vision and eye health and to order materials, visit the National Eye Institute Website.

See All You Can See NEI Kids Website

Encourage children to visit this site to find fun learning activities about eyes and vision.

Sports Eye Injury and Protective Eyewear Website

This site contains sports eye safety information for parents, teachers, coaches and kids to help keep their eye safe at play.

Text Messages

Eye Exam Text Messages

Text your friends and family members with these messages and encourage them to get regular eye exams.