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Chunqiao Liu, Ph.D.

Chunqiao Liu, Ph.D.
Chunqiao Liu, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Program: Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology (previously Institute of Developmental Biology), Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Postdoctoral Trainings: National Cancer Institute (1999-2001), Carnegie Institution of Washington (2001-2003) and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (2003-2008).

Senior Research Fellow: N-NRL laboratory, National Eye Institute (2008-2011)

Staff Scientist: Retinal Cell Biology and Degeneration section, N-NRL (2011-present)

Research Focuses: Retinal neuronal polarity and its causing retinal diseases. Dr. Liu have discovered that polarity master genes such as Frizzled receptors are critical for retinal neurogenesis and retinal coloboma disease. Currently he is investigating how global polarity patterning in biology affect retinal neurogenesis, morphogenesis and synaptic connections. In doing this, he has created a set of mouse genetic tools, and hopefully, in combination with developmental and cell biological tools, to understand the functions of several core- planar cell polarity (PCP) proteins in subsets of retinal neurons.

Skills and Expertise: Mouse genetics, molecular, cell and developmental biology, neural anatomy and imaging.

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