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Healthy Vision Month

Join us for Healthy Vision Month 2024! This year, we are shining a light on vision loss and mental health — and sharing steps people with a visual impairment can take to thrive in their daily lives.

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Healthy Vision Month 2024: Reframe Your Future

Vision loss can have a major impact on every part of life. Having a visual impairment can create challenges in performing everyday tasks, and the stigma around losing vision can be isolating — causing feelings of fear, anxiety, or grief. But you’re not alone.  

The United States is facing an epidemic of loneliness and isolation (PDF), with half of adults saying they feel lonely. That’s why Healthy Vision Month 2024 is focused on helping people with a visual impairment know how to access vision rehabilitation services, mental health support, and social connection.  

Get involved in Healthy Vision Month 2024 and reframe your future by helping yourself and others with a visual impairment live their best lives with vision loss. 

An adult with a visual impairment and a friend taking a brisk walk through a park on a nice day. Each friend is holding on to 1 end of a tether.

Explore how vision rehabilitation can help

Vision rehabilitation can help people with any type of visual impairment make the most of the vision they have — and do the things they want to do.  

An adult with a visual impairment walking arm in arm with a loved one through a library.

Learn about visual impairment

A visual impairment — or low vision — can’t be fixed with glasses, contact lenses, medicine, or surgery. 


Hear a personal story

Christine Ha, award-winning chef and winner of MasterChef season 3, shares her story of vision loss and how vision rehabilitation has helped her thrive.  

¡Únase al Desafío de Conexión 5 por 5 del Director de los servicios federales de Salud Pública (Surgeon General en inglés)! Una persona usa un lápiz para escribir en el Día 3 en su postal del Desafío de Conexión 5 por 5. El Día 1, llamaron a mamá para darle las gracias, lo que los hizo sentir felices y agradecidos. El Día 2, pidieron ayuda a un nuevo amigo, lo que los puso nerviosos pero los hizo sentirse bien. El Día 3, fueron voluntarios en un evento del club escolar.

Build and strengthen your relationships

We’re partnering with the U.S. Surgeon General to share the 5-for-5 Connection Challenge with tips and tools to help you build connection into your daily life and inspire others.

An older adult shows two children a tablet while sitting in a chair.

Spread the word

Share Healthy Vision Month resources with sample social media messages, graphics, and newsletter content.

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Meet our partners

Healthy Vision Month is possible thanks to the support of our wonderful partners!

Last updated: April 18, 2024