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We’re all about 20/20

In 2020, we’re looking forward to another year of cutting-edge vision research. We’re sharing new perspectives to show what it’s really like to live with common eye conditions. We’re taking a closer look at vision and how the eyes work together with the brain to help us see. And we’re promoting eye health with clear, accessible resources for everyone.  

Join us as we celebrate 2020 together! Explore the resources on this page and find out how you can help promote eye health all year long. 

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Take our eye health trivia quiz!

How much do you know about the eyes? Put your eye health knowledge to the test with our quiz!

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Hear from experts on diabetes and eye health

This National Diabetes Month, NEI teamed up with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for a LinkedIn and Facebook Live event to discuss diabetes and eye health. Watch the recording to hear NEI’s Dr. Chew and ADA’s Dr. Gabbay talk about preventing and managing diabetic eye disease and learn about new treatments options!

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Take a look at the exciting world of NEI research

Ever wondered how our eyes pick up on facial expressions —or how stem cells could help patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD)? NEI’s cutting-edge research projects investigate new ways to prevent, treat, or even reverse vision loss.

NEI's See What I See Google Cardboard headset

See the world through new eyes

What’s it really like to live with vision loss from common eye diseases? Try our virtual reality experience to see for yourself!

Got eye health questions? We’ve got answers! Learn about common eye conditions and find out how to keep your eyes healthy all year long.

Learn about eye health

Explore more upcoming events. Celebrate with us all year long!

See what’s on the calendar

Get involved. Spread the word! Learn more about the campaign and find out how you can help us promote eye health all year long.

Celebrate 2020 with us

Last updated: November 13, 2020