Help us celebrate 2020 by spreading the word about eye health all year long! Explore accessible eye health resources and engaging social media content to share with your networks. Plus, discover opportunities to get involved with upcoming events.

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Spread the word on social media

Use the hashtag #MoreThan2020 to join the conversation about eye health. And don’t forget to follow us on social media for the latest campaign updates!

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Learn more about our #LowVisionLeaders campaign

This February, we celebrated Low Vision Awareness Month by sharing personal stories of #LowVisionLeaders — a few of the millions of Americans living with low vision. 

Explore more resources from NEI

Use NEI’s materials to spread the word about eye health — throughout the year 2020 and beyond!

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Help kids learn about eye health. NEI for Kids is full of resources just for kids — including optical illusions, cool eye tricks, and our “Ask a Scientist” videos.

Explore our resources for kids

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Promote eye health in your community. NEI has resources that you can use to teach people in your community how to protect their vision — including fact sheets, posters, articles, and more.

Get resources for health educators

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Learn about the National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP). NEHEP helps health professionals raise awareness about the importance of eye health.

Read more about NEHEP

About the campaign

Building on the connection with 20/20 vision, NEI’s More Than Meets the Eye 2020 campaign is a unique opportunity to bring eye health into the national spotlight. The campaign aims to:

  • Promote eye health throughout the year 2020
  • Raise awareness about NEI and its mission
  • Generate interest in vision and the eyes
  • Show what it’s like to live with common eye diseases and condition

Key audiences for the campaign include:

  • National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP) partners
  • Health educators and outreach organizations
  • Vision researchers
  • Eye health professionals
  • People with eye conditions and diseases
  • People at increased risk for eye conditions and diseases
  • Friends and family members of people with eye conditions and diseases

Check back for more helpful resources and events throughout the year!

Last updated: March 3, 2020