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National Alliance for Hispanic Health


The National Alliance for Hispanic Health is dedicated to connecting communities and creating change to improve the health and well-being of Hispanics/Latinos in the United States. The National Alliance for Hispanic Health fulfills its mission by working with community organizations; universities; federal, state, and local governments; foundations; and corporations.

1501 16th Street NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20036

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Organizational membership

4,000 organizational members


The National Alliance for Hispanic Health focuses on four program goals: (1) building a comprehensive knowledge base, (2) increasing public awareness, (3) fostering strong collaborative networks, and (4) strengthening community-based infrastructures. As the action forum for the Hispanic/Latino community, the National Alliance for Hispanic Health provides the following services:

  • Consumer education and outreach
  • Training programs
  • Technical assistance
  • Model community-based programs
  • Policy analysis, development, and dissemination
  • Research (i.e., data analysis)
  • Advocacy
  • Infrastructure support and development
  • Development and adaptation of materials

Priority areas include women’s health, environmental health, health system reform, and welfare reform. Long-standing programs address HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, chronic diseases, maternal and child health, immunizations, adolescent health, mental health, human services, alcohol abuse, inhalant abuse, traffic safety, nutrition, and juvenile justice. Managing the balance of technology, information access, and patient confidentiality are just a few of the areas the Alliance monitors and represents on behalf of Hispanic/Latino communities and their concerns.


For a list of National Alliance for Hispanic Health Resources, visit the website:


Kevin Adams, Vice President of Operations
Tel: 202–797–4329

Paul M. Baker, Senior Director for Programs
Tel: 202–797–4337

Education programs

Diabetic Eye Disease


Healthy Vision

Hispanic/Latino Outreach

Low Vision

Vision and Aging

Last updated: June 24, 2019