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VisionServe Alliance

Represents, networks and advocates on behalf of nonprofits providing services to people who are blind or visually impaired and the people they serve. Serves as a unified resource in the field of vision rehabilitation for advocacy, public policy, education, ethical management, professional growth and quality services.


VisionServe Alliance’s mission is to engage leaders in building a better world through services for people with vision loss. They aim to be a leader and the unifying voice in the field of services for people with vision loss for advocacy, education, ethical management, professional growth, and enhanced services.

8760 Manchester Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63144
(314) 961-8235

Organizational membership

National Association of Chronic Disease Directors — Vision & Eye Health Work Group National Center for Leadership in Visual Impairment


Convening opportunities for leaders to work together on key issues related to services for people of all ages with vision loss. Promoting best practices in services to people of all ages with vision loss. Encouraging member organizations to meet the highest standards of ethical practice and effectiveness in governance, fiduciary responsibility, self-regulation, and financial accountability. Serving as the voice of the nonprofit sector of services to people of all ages with vision loss.


Twice annually in April and October (Members only)


Monthly e-newsletters to members


Lee Nasehi, President and Chief Executive Officer

Education programs

Healthy Vision

Low Vision

Vision and Aging

Last updated: January 31, 2023