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Erin's Story

Teri thought her daughter needed eyeglasses, but a visit to the eye care professional painted a much clearer picture.

Erin was three when she first started having trouble seeing from far away, but an eye exam showed that Erin couldn’t see up close, either. After several tests, doctors discovered that Erin had dominant optic nerve atrophyan eye disease where optic nerves are damaged and can’t send correct visual information to the brain.

Shortly after the diagnosis, a vision rehabilitation team was called in to come up with a plan to help Erin. This team of optometrists, ophthalmologists, and other specialists tested many different low vision devices, but it was a special video magnifier that helped Erin the most.

Now Erin can read better in school, at home, in restaurants, and in stores. Teri describes the video magnifier as a “useful tool” that has opened up a whole new world for her daughter.