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Lawrence's Story

After 10 years in the Navy, Lawrence began losing his sight. Sadly, he also thought he’d lose his favorite pastimepainting.

When Lawrence was diagnosed with glaucoma, his vision was nearly gone. To learn how to make use of his remaining eyesight, he enrolled in a vision rehabilitation program where he was taught new ways to do certain tasks.

With the help of an orientation and mobility specialist, Lawrence learned how to move around safely in his home and how to travel by himself. Also, telescopic spectaclesan adaptive device attached to his glasseshelp Lawrence to read and see the TV screen more clearly.

This Navy veteran could continue doing what he loved most, after allpainting. A head-mounted magnifier helps him to do the more detailed brushstrokes of his artwork. Rather than limit his activities, Lawrence viewed his vision loss as a challenge. “With your vision loss, you can continue on no matter what. You can still do it!” he says.