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Ruth's Story

Ruth was on a mission.

She was losing her vision, but she wasn’t going to lose her independence.

Ruth has AMD. She can’t see as well as she used to, so she asked for help. Medicare paid for Ruth to have an occupational therapist come to her home. The therapist worked with Ruth to modify her home so she could do everyday things more safely and easily. The therapist taught Ruth how to move around without falling. She put “raised markings” on the stove, the microwave, and the washing machine to help Ruth cook and clean. And she even marked Ruth’s prescriptions in the bathroom cabinet.

On most days now, you’ll probably find Ruth playing her favorite card gamebridgewith large-print playing cards. Or you may find her painting with a special magnifying glass to help her choose colors. Wherever she is, Ruth is living with the freedom and happiness that she always enjoyed.

“Life goes on,” Ruth remarked.