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Video Transcript: Jose'

[Video of an elderly man with low vision performing tasks in an office, including talking on the telephone, reading mail and reading the newspaper. He describes the difficulties he has in performing every day tasks and how he has overcome those difficulties.]

Jose’: I am pretty much semi-retired, but I still like to keep myself busy so I am a sporting goods rep in South America, Mexico, the Caribbean.

It was about a year ago I went to my optometrist because I thought I needed a new pair of glasses, and when he examined me I couldn’t see out of my right eye at all. Normally the center of your eye wouldn’t be gone, and unfortunately that is what happened to me. The center of both of my eyes are gone.

Well, I can see just about anything in a close range. In a long range, I can see a car, I can see a body, I can see the object, but I can not see the, how would you say, I can not get the details of it. No way in the world I can see this.

Reading is my big problem. The CC TV, I couldn’t live without it. I mean I couldn’t possibly do any reading at all. I read my newspapers in the morning through that. Any reading material, I just couldn’t function without it. You have to learn how to center it because mostly you have a habit of moving your reading material, which is what you don’t do. You move the tray you have underneath. And you get used to it. It’s all getting used to it. It’s like any sport, practice, practice, practice.

Your mental attitude is just as important for any individual in any kind of disadvantage problem. If you keep your mental attitude up, you will feel better, and believe it or not, you’re going to see better. You’re not letting yourself down. So yes I have to live with it, yes I wouldn’t like to have it. That’s the cards I was dealt with, and I gotta live with it. I got used to it. I got used to it, and people could get used to it, its just you got work at it. The most important thing is you got to recognize that you do have a problem, and not to be embarrassed by telling someone that you need some kind of assistance. That’s the best way. That’s the best way I found for me.


Screen capture from the video of Jose.