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Visual Motor Integration Section

About our work

The Section on Visual Motor Integration studies the brain mechanisms that underlie visual perception and the visual control of movements, particularly eye movements. Experiments are directed toward understanding active vision, the vision that results from the interaction of visual and oculomotor systems within the brain. Recent experiments have concentrated on how information about impending eye movements (referred to as a corollary discharge) acts to compensate for the movements of the image on the retina that are produced with eye movements. Other interactions are related to the selection of aspects of the visual world to explore such as visual spatial attention. The goal is to identify neuronal circuits in the brain that provide the mechanisms for the visual functions.

Visual Motor Integration Section key staff

Key staff table
Name Title Email Phone
Robert Wurtz, Ph.D. Senior Investigator (Scientist Emeritus) 301-496-7170

Last updated: December 30, 2021