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Wendy Guzman, M.D., Ph.D.

Unit Chief

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Dr. Bautista translational research experience has recently focused on Retinoblastoma immune profiling on a collaboration effort with NEI BIC core for the last two years, she used the CODEX Multiplex approaches to identify immune checkpoint targets to PDL-1 and LAG-3. She has extensive experience on translational medicine from her previous appointments as medical officer in clinical research Immuno-oncology at Bristol Myers and a Scientist at the Biomarker group at Merck after her appointment at the National Cancer Institute at NIH. Dr Bautista developed several projects with NCI Investigators for first in human trials for pancreatic cancer and GBM.

Dr. Bautista has over 9 years’ experience on translational medicine with focus on neurological diseases, Oncology and Immunotherapy using high throughput analysis of Electron Microscopy and multiplex high content analysis using Codex spatial immune profiling. She has extensively developed and performed TEM protocol optimization for AI high content ultrastructural analysis, she developed analysis training set algorithm for Arivis Zeiss software Deep Learning-based Segmentation of Mitochondria ( using TEM algorithm analysis for mitochondria segmentation on patient samples from epilepsy and TBI injury with the goal to identify novel biomarkers. She has developed and optimized TEM protocols for high content imaging of EV’s and exosomes, immunogold TEM imaging, 3D volume EM reconstruction, montage and TEM tomography. She also has developed segmentation algorithms to analyze and quantify mitochondria from TEM images along with 3D reconstruction and rendering analysis.

Dr. Bautista most recent work has focused on multimodal high content imaging and analysis of retina and immune-matrix components using multimodal imaging to develop analysis and digital biomarker tools for applications as digital biomarkers for potential use as prognosis markers.

Dr. Bautista completed her Medical Degree at the Faculty of Medicine Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, where she graduated with honors and then completed Masters in Neurobiology, and PhD in Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine University of Manitoba, Winnipeg Canada. Dr. Bautista PhD thesis described the role of electrical and mixed synapses in the Ia afferent to motoneurone synapse and developed extensive approaches and methods to identify connexins in the CNS of mammals using freeze-fracture replica, EM and confocal microscopy. She completed post-doctoral fellowship at the Department of Neurosurgery and Pediatric Oncology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine where she developed correlative clinical studies and preclinical efficacy analysis of PDX models using newly developed radiosensitizers and immunotherapy efficacy studies for GBM pediatric brain tumors and sarcoma utilizing immune profiling. She then was recruited as Clinical post-doctoral fellow at the Neuro-Oncology branch at NIH and later on recruited as Scientist at National Cancer Institute at the Center of Advanced Preclinical research, where she developed multiple translational research studies using Genetically engineered mouse models of GBM, Pancreatic Cancer, lung cancer and MPNST and multiplex IHC, confocal and electron microscopy, proteomics, NGS, histopathological annotation analysis.

Dr. Bautista extensive experience on translational medicine, and she has developed protocols to implement this approach on different clinical research studies using clinically validated novel technologies for high content ultrastructural and immune profiling using deep learning and AI platforms.

Last updated: January 29, 2024