Resources for Children

Use the following resources to help children learn more about eye health and safety.

Children’s Eye Safety Calendar PDF*

Safety icon

(17” x 11”) Download this fun, colorful calendar. Children will enjoy reading fun facts about eyes and eye injuries, as well as sports trivia. This calendar is a great way to teach school-aged children about preventing sports-related eye injuries and the need for protective eyewear.

Order the eye safety calendar

Coloring Pages PDF*

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Download these coloring pages of children using protective eyewear in sports activities and hand them out to children to color.

See All You Can See Website

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Encourage children to visit this site to find fun learning activities about eyes and vision.

Fun Fact Calendar for Children PDF*

Fun Fact Calendar for Children icon (17” x 11”)

It’s important that we take care of our eyes. Here are 31 Fun FACTS about eye health on a foldout poster. It is a great way to learn more about the eyes and provides an opportunity to promote the importance of healthy vision to school-aged children. Offers interesting facts, tips and myth busters about eyes and vision, and even information about animals’ eyes.

Fun Fact Calendar for Children
Color (1.22 MB) PDF*

See All You Can See: Activity Book

See All icon (45 pages)

Join Emma and her brother, Jacob, on a healthy vision journey. Learn how important your eyes are, the different parts of the eyes, and what you can do to take care of them. Lots of activities in this book will show you different things about eyes.

See All You Can See: Activity Book
Color (12.9 MB) PDF*