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Other Lens Care Systems

Most people use multipurpose solution to take care of their contact lenses, but there are several other lens care systems. Talk to your eye doctor about which system is right for you.

Hydrogen peroxide-based systems

If you have an allergy to multipurpose solution, your eye doctor may prescribe a hydrogen peroxide-based system to disinfect and store your lenses. These systems use a special case that turns hydrogen peroxide into saline overnight.

Hydrogen peroxide can hurt your eyes, so it’s important to follow all the instructions and leave enough time for the solution to turn into saline before you take your contacts out of the case.

If you use a hydrogen peroxide-based system:

  • Always use the new special case that comes with each new bottle of solution
  • Always leave your contacts in the special case for at least 6 hours
  • Never rinse your contacts with hydrogen peroxide solution
  • Never put hydrogen peroxide solution directly in your eyes

Hard contact lens care systems

If you wear hard contact lenses (also called rigid gas permeable or RGP lenses), you’ll need to use several different solutions to wet, soak, clean, and disinfect your lenses.

If you wear hard lenses:

  • Don’t leave lenses in the soaking solution overnight — go through all the steps, including disinfecting your lenses
  • Use a storage case with ridges on the bottom, so your lenses don’t get stuck to the case
  • If your lenses dry out, soak them for at least 4 hours before you put them back in
  • If you use a suction cup to take your lenses out, clean the suction cup with contact lens cleaning solution after each use 

Other solutions used with lens care systems

Some people use special solutions to rinse or clean their lenses as part of their lens care system. These solutions can’t be used alone, because they don’t disinfect your lenses. Your eye doctor will tell you if you need to use any of these solutions with your system:

  • Daily cleaner to rub dirt and other material off of your lenses before disinfecting
  • Saline to rinse your lenses after cleaning and disinfecting
  • Enzymatic protein remover to remove the proteins that may build up on your lenses over time

Last updated: July 1, 2019