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About NEI

For more than 50 years, the National Eye Institute (NEI) has been on the front lines of vision research — and we continue to support cutting-edge research projects that investigate new ways to prevent, treat, or even reverse vision loss. We also work hard to help the public learn about vision problems and how to keep their eyes healthy.

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Ending Structural Racism at NIH

Learn how we're working to end structural racism and encouraging diversity and inclusion in biomedical research.

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Learn about our past successes and current goals

NEI has an impressive track record. We’ve supported research that has helped us better understand vision problems — and led to new imaging techniques and breakthrough technology.

Three scientists consults about a vision research project.

Learn about our strategic planning process

NEI funds high quality vision research. Find out how we identify the most pressing needs and opportunities.

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Explore a timeline of NEI’s history

Use our interactive tool to review important events, scientific breakthroughs, and publications starting back in 1968. That’s when President Johnson established NEI and launched a new era in vision research.

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Get to know NEI’s leadership team

NEI leadership guides our work, including NEI’s research and other activities.

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Get details about our funding

Like other agencies in the National Institutes of Health, NEI’s funding comes from taxpayers. You can read NEI’s yearly budget requests and Congressional Justifications, which lay out our goals for the next year.

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Learn about the scientists who help guide our work

Our advisory committees page has information about the Board of Scientific Counselors, National Advisory Eye Council (NAEC), and NEI Women Scientists Advisory Committee (WSAC).

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Donate to support our research

NEI is allowed to accept donations from the public, and all donations go to our Gift Fund, which is only used to support vision research. Your gift could help us to train new scientists or test new treatments as part of a clinical trial.

Last updated: March 1, 2021