A variety of foods that are good for healthy vision like salmon and kale

Keep your eyes healthy

There are lots of ways to keep your eyes healthy — from wearing your sunglasses to eating eye-healthy foods, like salmon and kale.

Colorful diagram of the parts of an eye

What's in your eye? Take a look around!

Man getting his eyes examined by a doctor using a slit lamp

Get a dilated eye exam

Getting a dilated eye exam is simple and painless — and it's the single best way to stay on top of your eye health! Find out why they're important, how to prepare, and what to expect.

Young girl gets fitted for glasses with her father

Find an eye care professional

Learn about the different kinds of eye care professionals (optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians), and get tips on how to find one near you.

office employee exchanging document with patient

Get help paying for eye care

Different programs and organizations can help pay for eye exams, glasses, and operations.

Two people with sunglasses on and workout clothes

Take our eye health trivia quiz!

How much do you know about the eyes? Put your eye health knowledge to the test with our quiz!

Discover 8 things you can do to protect your vision

Vision loss doesn’t have to be a normal part of getting older! There’s a lot you can do right now to prevent vision problems in the future.

Last updated: November 5, 2021