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At NEI, we work hard to bring you cutting-edge eye health campaigns and educational initiatives about topics that matter to you. Check out what we’ve been up to!

A group of young people in lab coats.

Keep an Eye on the Future!

NEI is committed to inspiring the next generation of scientists through the Eye on the Future campaign.

Promotional image of the Healthy Vision Month campaign, that shows an Hispanic older adult walking in a park holding hands with two younger children on either side while a woman walks closely behind.

Focus on Healthy Vision

Every year, NEI celebrates Healthy Vision Month in May to encourage everyone to prioritize their eye health. This year we’re focused on helping Hispanic/Latino families and caregivers protect their loved ones’ vision. Check out our Spanish and English resources!

A person wearing headphones writes on paper while using a laptop.

Eye Health Is My Health

Eye Health, My Health is an eye health campaign for Black/African American communities that emphasizes eye health as a key part of overall health.

Last updated: April 20, 2023