bush leaves 1
bush leaves 2
grass middle
grass left
grass right
Leaf left 1
Leaf left 2
Leaf right 1
Leaf right 2
EYE huge
pupil 1
EYE medium 1
pupil 3 L
EYE medium 2
pupil 3 R
EYE left side
pupil 2
EYE right side
pupil 4
EYE yellow 2
pupil yellow 2
EYE yellow 1
pupil yellow 1
Tree Above Top
Tree Small
Tree top left
grass left 2
Tree LEFT 2
Tree LEFT 1
Tree right
Tree right 2
Tree round
Tree triangle
Tree Big middle
CAT eye left
CAT eye right
Most people rely on their eyes to see and make sense of the world around them. If you’re reading this, your eyes are hard at work. You use your eyes for countless other things, too, like doing homework, playing sports, looking for that favorite shirt, or watching out for the neighborhood’s angry dog. That’s why it’s important to take care of your eyes.

Here you can learn about your eyes, how they work, and how to keep them healthy. Plus, you’ll discover lots of fun eye facts.
Ask a Scientist
Watch now! NEI scientists explain animal eyes, what your eyes do while you sleep, and more.
CAT eye left
CAT eye right
Flower Leftside
Flower Rightside
Road Brown Bottom
Road Brown Top
Small Tree Tan
Small Tree Tan Middle
Teal Road
Teal EYE
Teal Pupil
Find out how you can keep your eyes healthy with these tips.
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Teal grass 1
Teal grass 2
Teal grass 3
Teal grass 4
Teal grass 5
Teal grass 6
Teal grass 7
Teal grass 8
Teal Tree 1
Teal Tree 2
Teal Tree 3
Teal Tree 5
Teal Tree 6
How Many Fish Do You See?
Trick your brain with these optical illusions.
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Pink Wave 1
Pink Wave 2
Pink Wave 3
Pink Wave 4
Pink Wave 5
Pink Wave 6
yellow road
yellow dog
From Light to Sight
Ever wonder how you’re able to see? Find out with this video.
visual system video
Last updated: June 26, 2019