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Your Eyes’ Natural Defenses

Your eyes natural defenses

Your eyes are delicate. That’s why your body has built-in ways to protect them. Here’s how:

Your eyes lie in boney sockets that protect them from getting hit.

Eyebrows help shield your eyes from bright light.

Eyelids close to keep harsh light and harmful objects out. Eyelids also keep moisture in.

Eyelashes help catch dust and derbis before they get into your eyes.

Tears help keep the eyes moist. Tears also help wash away things that can irritate your eyes.

Blinking helps keep your eyes from getting too dry. Remember to blink while you read or work on your computer.

Ask a Scientist: Nearsighted or Farsighted

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Dr. Cheri Wiggs talks about what happens to our eyes when we cry and what it means to be nearsighted or farsighted.

Last updated: June 10, 2022