Approved Concepts for Requests for Applications (RFAs), Program Announcements (PAs), and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) 

Concepts represent an early planning stage for potential NEI initiatives and describe their basic purpose, scope, and objectives. Through the Concept Clearance process, NEI receives input from the NEI Advisory Council regarding the merits of the concepts. This page provides information on recently cleared concepts and NEI staff contacts.  Council approval of a concept does not guarantee it will become a funded initiative; that decision is made based on scientific and programmatic priorities and the availability of funds.   

This listing of potential future initiatives is meant to enhance transparency and make the NEI research community aware of potential initiatives that may be developed into published funding announcements. The titles and brief descriptions are consistent with the information available at the time of concept clearance. The resultant RFAs, RFPs, PARs, or PASs may differ from the concepts in the final wording of the titles or other aspects. Specific information on each initiative, including receipt date, set-aside funds, referral and review criteria, will be available once the announcement has been published in the NIH Guide. 


Review the Approved Concept Clearances
  • June 2021: Regenerative Medicine Clinical Trial Planning Grant; Greater than minimal risk single-site clinical trials
  • February 2021:  Short Courses for Skills Development in Neuroscience Topics and Techniques
  • October 2020:  Multi-disciplinary Elucidation of Anterior Segment Innervation; The Ocular Microbiome
Last updated: June 15, 2021