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Eye on the Future

NEI is committed to inspiring the next generation of scientists through Eye on the Future, including the annual Eye on the Future Teen Video Contest!

This morning when you opened your eyes, you set in motion a series of steps in a dance called vision. Your eyes took in light and sent signals to your brain, which gave you a picture of the people and things in front of you. It’s easy to take your vision for granted.

But some people would be living in an out-of-focus world if they didn’t have their glasses. Others may have an eye disease that slowly steals their sight until it’s hard for them to recognize faces or read a book.

Keeping an Eye on Science

At NEI, we do research to better understand all the steps that make vision possible. We look at problems in the system at the smallest scale — in cells, neurons, and genes and the way they communicate with each other — to examine the causes of diseases that lead to vision loss. We discover new treatments for diseases. And we develop helpful technologies for people who have lost vision.

It all starts with science, and young people are the ones who will take science into the future. That’s why we launched the Eye on the Future teen video contest.

Enter teen video contest.

Enter the 2024 EOTF teen video contest

It’s time to start working on your video about science! The 2024 EOTF teen video contest is open from January 8 to April 14, 2024. Make sure you know the contest rules, categories, prizes, and how to submit your entry.

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Spread the word

Want to encourage teens in your community to enter the EOTF teen video contest? We can help! Use our sample social media posts, newsletter and email content, and more.

See the contest's impact

Learn what researchers and past participants have to say about EOTF, science, and their vision for the future.

An image of last year’s Eye on the Future teen video contest winner.

Watch past winners' videos

Over the past 2 years, NEI has received over 100 video submissions from teens across the United States showcasing their passion for science.

Last updated: February 13, 2024