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Transmission Electron Microscopy Unit

Transmission electron microscopy of a section of mouse optic nerve taken at 20,000X magnification

About our work

The Transmission Electron Microscopy Unit is part of the Biological Imaging Core Facility.

Facilities and Equipment

The Transmission Electron Microscopy Unit (TEM Unit), located in building 6 on the NIH main campus, is a fully equipped lab that provides the ultrastructural needs of the institute’s researchers and their collaborators. Our equipment includes a JEOL JEM-1010 transmission electron microscope (TEM), a Leica UC6 ultramicrotome, and AMT digital camera mounted on the TEM. We aim to provide the highest quality microscopy and analytical consultation to our users and collaborators.


  • Provides various fixatives as appropriate
  • Embedding of specimens in epoxy or acrylic resins
  • Ultrathin sectioning of resin embedded specimens
  • Immunolabeling of acrylic-embedded tissues
  • Negative staining of whole mounts such as purified exosomes, proteins, viruses, vesicles…etc.
  • Training in EM sample preparation techniques and electron microscope operation

Transmission Electron Microscopy Unit key staff

Key staff table
Name Title Email Phone
Mones Abu-Asab, Ph.D. Unit Chief 301-496-2164

Last updated: March 1, 2023