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3-D ROC Company Sponsors

3-D ROC Support System

NEI is building an ecosystem of support by partnering with companies and organizations to offer their resources directly to 3-D ROC challenge solvers.

During the 3-D ROC, resources for Solvers may be available by companies and organizations who have partnered with NEI to support the challenge. Partners will provide resources directly to Solvers upon request on an equitable basis. Resources may include: in-kind contributions (loaning of technology, early access to products, free consulting opportunity), discounts on products, services, or reagents, or in-kind or discounted consulting, among other resources.

All support offered by the partners to Solvers is provided on the partners’ own accord and resources, and not at the direction, involvement, or resources of NEI.

NEI does not endorse the partners’ products, services, or enterprises.

Any other resources or support are welcome. To discuss a partnership in more detail, contact us

Sponsors offering resources

Please contact the sponsor's 3-D ROC liaison for more details and to access the resources.  

Allegro 3D, Inc.

  • Discounts on bioprinters and biomaterial products as well as customized bioprinting services.
  • Early access to our products and free consultation in bioprinting.
  • Access to a library of high quality biomaterials with tunable material properties that can mimic the extracellular matrix of various tissues.
  • For researchers new to bioprinting and biomaterials, Allegro 3D can provide a total solution of biofabrication for your specific projects which includes training, consultation, customized bioprinting services, etc.
  • Contact: Jennifer Sun,
Alpha Med Scientific image

Alpha MED Scientific, Inc.

Axion Biosystems Logo

Axion BioSystems

If the 3-D ROC challenge winner is a Maestro Pro or Maestro Edge MEA system owner they would also receive:

Contact: Mike Clements, 

BioTek Logo

BioTek Instruments, Inc.

  • Consultation with PhD level scientist from the applications team for optimizing image acquisition and analysis of retinal organoids, including live cell imaging.
  • Access to loaner instruments and product demonstration opportunities with discounts available to all participants.
  • Free laser autofocus cube ($7800 value) with purchase of an imaging instrument. Benefits include improved speed with dim fluorophores and transmitted light along and minimized photobleaching with lower phototoxicity for live cell assays. 
  • Contact: Megha Shaffer,


  • Participants are eligible for discounts on services, products, or reagents 
  • Our bioprinters are uniquely positioned to support the development of complex cellular architectures and tissue scaffolds. Whether scientists want to print cell-laden biomaterials or other complex substrates to serve as biophysical support, CELLINK can enable design and implementation of new assays.
  • For scientists new to bioprinting, we offer training, PoC validation, and full-stack support (including demo periods) – additionally, bioprinters possess modular designs and user-friendly interfaces!

  • Contact: Mark Yde,

CELLINK also offers cell line development tools that don’t fit into our bioprinting catalog, but could be very useful for participants:

Curi Bio Logo

Curi Bio

  • Participants are eligible for a free sample of Curi Bio Plates, which mimics the native extracellular matrix and promotes the structural and functional development of cultured cells.
  • Participants also have the opportunity to receive discounted pricing on select Curi products.
  • A free demo of the Curi Cytostretcher and Cytostretcher-LV cell-stretching instruments is also available.
  • Contact: Heejoon Choi,
IncuCyte intellicyt logo

Essen Bioscience – Sartorius Group

  • Offering at least three (3) IncuCyte onsite demonstrations for 3D ROC teams in the continental US.
  • Contact: Lorenzo McMillan,, 734-277-8836
Genentech logo

Genentech, A Member of the Roche Group

  • Provides expertise for in vitro validation of both efficacy models and drug safety screening.
  • Contact:  Jeanne Marion,

    Denise de Almeida Nagata,

Image of Newcells logo

Newcells Biotech

SBI System Biosciences logo

SBI Systems Biosciences

  • Discounts of 30% for SBI’s lentiviral products (vectors, packaging tools, etc.).
  • Discounts of 20% for SBI’s lentiviral custom services (Syn2Clone™ vector construction, high-titer lentivirus packaging & stable cell line services).
  • Contact: 
Visikol Logo


  • Will offer highly discounted 3D model imaging and characterization services at cost.      
  • Contact: Dr. Michael Johnson,

Last updated: July 7, 2021