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Organizational Phone List

Office of the Director - OD

Name Phone
Director - Dr. Michael Chiang, Building 31, 6A03 301-496-2234
Deputy Director - Dr. Santa Tumminia, Building 31, 6A03 301-496-2234
Associate Director, Science Strategic Initiatives and Programs - Vacant, Building 31, 6A03 301-496-2234
Program Specialist - Cindy Best, Building 31, 6A03 301-496-2234
Senior Administrative Assistant - Nathan Baber 336-480-5937
Staff Assistant - Jennifer Burrell, Building 31, 6A03 301-496-4876
Health Science Policy Analyst - Vacant, Building 31, 6A23  
Health Science Policy Analyst - Vacant, Building 31, 6A23  
Science Program Leader - Vacant, Building 31, 6A28  

Office of International Program Activities


Associate Director for International Programs - Dr. Gyan “John” Prakash, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4281


Office of Translational Research - OTR

Associate Director Office of Translational Research - Vacant, Building 31, 6A28301-451-1610
Director, Technology Development - Dr. Mala Dutta - Building 31, 6A28301-451-2198

Office of Research Regenerative Medicine

Associate Director - Vacant, Building 31, 6A03301-496-2234

Office of Vision Health and Population Sciences - OVHPS

Associate Director - Dr. Mary Frances Cotch, Building 31, 6A03301-435-8806

Office of Data Science and Health Informatics - ODSHI

Associate Director - Kerry Goetz, Building 31, 6A03301-605-5635
Health Science Policy Analyst - Syed Umair Haqqani240-552-1654
Program Specialist - Amber Reed301-503-1050
Data Scholar - Michelle Hribar503-703-9288

Office of Administrative Management - OAM

Deputy Director for Management/Executive Officer - Melanie Reagan, Building 31, 6A11301-435-0566
Deputy Executive Officer - Jessica Ryan, Building 31, 6A11301-435-0566
Senior Advisor - Nora Walsh301-443-8203
Senior Management Analyst - Lilly Sadler, Building 31, 6A23301-451-7195
Space and Facilities Manager - Amy Mercado-Berton, Building 31, RM 6A23301-827-2378
Facilities Coordinator, Daniel Molina, Building 31, RM 6A23301-480-8189

Extramural Administrative Management Branch - EAMB

Chief - Shauna D. Schwartz301-496-4233
Administrative Officer - Melissa Trinchet301-496-4233
Administrative Officer - Kyla DeLaine301-443-7701
Administrative Officer - Sean Gejenski301-827-5884
Administrative Technician/NEI Travel Coordinator - Jackie Paniagua Calderon301-827-5836

Intramural Administrative Management Branch - IAMB

Chief - Travis Speck, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233
Lead Administrative Officer - Leslie Hertz, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233
Administrative Officer - Renata Baginski, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233
Administrative Officer – Kelly Zavadsky, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233
Administrative Officer – Victoria Edwards, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233
Administrative Officer - Anita Chukwu, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233
Administrative Officer - Bekky Philogene, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233
Administrative Officer - Jason Arya, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233
Administrative Technician - Shavon Hill, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233
Administrative Technician - Kayla Alston, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233
Purchasing Agent - Karri Vaughn, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233
Purchasing Agent - Rugie Sillah, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233
Program Analyst - Dorian Oliveira, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233
Procurement Team Lead – Bonnie Zimmerman, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233
Program Specialist, Purchasing – Barbara Wilson, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233
Program Specialist, Purchasing – Alicia Zetina, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233
Purchasing Agent – George Harrell, Building 31, 6A52301-496-4233

Financial Management Branch - FMB

Budget Officer - Karen Colbert, Building 31, 6A16301-435-8178
Deputy Budget Officer - Nikitha Mohan, Building 31, 6A16301-496-5243
Budget Analyst - Alexandra Turner, Building 31, 6A16301-496-5243
Budget Analyst - Cherilyn McPherson, Building 31, 6A16301-496-5243
Budget Analyst - Chinnonso Igbokwe, Building 31, 6A16202-468-7541
Budget Analyst - Falak Malik301-448-9736

Management Policy and Analysis Branch - MPAB

Chief – Vacant 
Office Automation Clerk - Natalie Haynes, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-827-6751
Ethics Coordinator - Trevor Peterson, Building 31, 6A11301-496-4334
Management Analyst - Yireiza Williams, Building 31, 6A11301-451-1936
Management Analyst - Kerina Hawthorne, Building 31, 6A11301-827-6823
Property Service Center Manager - Danielle Payne301-480-7935
Property Accountability Officer - Scarleth Perez301-435-8835
Property Custodian Officer - Justin Barksdale301-451-4713
Property Custodian Officer - Walter Davis301-480-7931
Property Custodian Officer - Billy Eatmon301-435-3595
Property Custodian Officer - Vincent George301-480-1927
Property Custodian Officer - Antwan Clayburn301-827-6823

Information and Technology Management Branch - ITMB

Chief Information Officer - Archana Mohale, Building 31, 6A29301-451-4441
Chief Technology Officer - Fausto Vela, Building 31, 6A29301-435-8852
Information System Security Officer - Boniface Lansiquot, Building 31, 6A29301-435-7924

Office of Program Planning and Analysis - OPPA

Director - Dr. Shefa Gordon, Building 31, 6A25301-496-4308
Health Science Program - Alicia Kerr, Building 31, 6A11301-496-4308

Strategic Planning and Initiatives Branch

Chief - Vacant, Building 31, 6A25301-496-4308

Program Evaluation, Analysis and Reporting Branch

Chief - Dr. Shefa Gordon, Building 31 6A25301-496-4308

Office of Science Communications, Public Liaison, and Education - OSCPLE

Director - Maria Zacharias, Building 31, 6A32301-496-5248
Digital Content Specialist - Leo Martinez, Building 31, 6A32301-827-6589
Administrative Assistant - Jamaya Kirby, Building 31, 6A32301-435-8844
Digital Communications Specialist - Holly Russo, Building 31, 6A32301-496-5248

Science Communications Branch

Chief - Dustin Hays, Building 31, 6A32301-496-5248
Media Lead - Claudia Costabile, Building 31, 6A32301-496-5248
Technical Writer/Editor - Kathryn DeMott, Building 31, 6A32301-496-5248
Technical Writer - Dr. Lesley Earl, Building 31, 6A32301-496-5248

Division of Epidemiology and Clinical Applications - DECA

Director - Dr. Emily Chew, Building 10, CRC, 3-2531301-496-6583
Deputy Director - Vacant, Building 10, CRC, 3-2531301-496-6583

Epidemiology Branch

Chief - Dr. Mary Frances Cotch, Building 10, CRC, 3-2531301-435-8806

Clinical Trials Branch

Chief - Dr. Emily Chew, Building 10, CRC, 3-2531301-496-6583

Office of the Clinical Director - OCD

Consult Services Section Chief - Dr. Teresa Magone, Building 10, 10C432A301-402-3771
Clinical Operations Branch Chief - William O'Donnell, Building 10, CRC, 3-2531301-496-9058
Clinical Trials Coordinating Section Chief - Awilda Holland, Building 10, 10D45301-435-1831
Clinical Informatics Section Chief - Elizabeth Murphy, Building 10, 10C440301-402-4145

Division of Intramural Research - DIR

Scientific Director - Dr. Kapil Bharti, Building 10 - Clinical Center301-451-9372
Deputy Scientific Director - Dr. David Schneeweis, Building 31, 6A22301-451-6763
Chief of Staff - William O' Donnell, Building 31, 6A22301-451-6763
Training Director - Dr. Cesar Perez-Gonzalez, Building 31, 6A22301-451-6763
Intramural Administrative Specialist - Mica McNair, Building 31, 6A22301-451-6763
Program Assistant - Princess Alike, Building 31, 6A22301-451-6763
Molecular Structure and Functional Genomics Section Chief - Dr. Graeme Wistow, Building 6, 106301-402-3452
Biological Imaging Core Head - Dr. Robert Fariss, Building 6, 202301-496-2829
Flow Cytometry Core - Acting Head - Rafael Villasmil, Building 31, 6A22301-451-6763
Histology Core - Acting Head - Dr. Maria Campos, Building 10, 10N103301-496-3043
Genetic Engineering Core - Acting Head - Dr. Lijin Dong, Building 6, B102301-402-5296
Ocular Gene Therapy Core - Acting Head - Dr. Tiansen Li, Building 6, 206301-594-5376
Neuro-Immune Regulome Unit – Chief – Dr. Han-Yu Shih, Building 10, 5S261301-496-2612
Retinal Neurophysiology Section Chief - Dr. Wei Li, Building 35, 2A108301-496-6669
Visual Function Core Head - Dr. Haohua Qian, Building 49, 2B04301-435-6275

Neurobiology, Neurodegeneration, and Repair Laboratory - NNRL

Chief - Dr. Anand Swaroop, Building 6, 338301-435-5754
Retinal Development, Genetics and Therapy Section Chief - Dr. Anand Swaroop, Building 6, 338301-435-5754
Retinal Cell Biology and Degeneration Section Chief - Dr. Tiansen Li, Building 6, 337301-443-2833
Retinal Circuit Development and Genetics Unit Chief - Vacant, Building 6, 331A301-496-3978

Laboratory of Sensorimotor Research - LSR

Chief - Dr. Richard Krauzlis, Building 49, 2A50301-496-9375
Eye Movements and Visual Selection Chief - Dr. Richard Krauzlis, Building 49, 2A50301-496-9375
Neuronal Networks Section Chief - Dr. Okihide Hikosaka, Building 49, 2A50301-496-9375
Unit on Sensation, Cognition and Action Section, Chief – Dr. Bevil Conway, Building 49, 2A50301-594-3238
Visual Decision Making Section, Chief – Dr. Hendrikje Nienborg, Building 49, 2A50301-496-3549

Laboratory of Immunology - LI

Chief - Dr. Rachel Caspi, Building 10, 10N109301-435-4567
Experimental Immunology Section Chief - Dr. Igal Gery, Building 10, 10N208301-496-4159
Immunoregulation Section Chief - Dr. Rachel Caspi, Building 10, 10N222301-435-4567
Clinical Immunology Section Chief (Acting) - Vacant, Building 10, 10N109301-402-3254
Molecular Immunology Section Chief - Dr. Charles Egwuagu, Building 10, 10N248G301-496-0049

Laboratory of Retinal Cell and Molecular Biology - LRCMB

Chief - Dr. T. Michael Redmond, Building 6, 339301-496-0439
Molecular Mechanisms Section Chief - Dr. T. Michael Redmond, Building 6, 339301-496-0439
Protein Structure and Function Section Chief - Dr. S. Patricia Becerra, Building 6, 134301-496-6514
Retinal Ganglion Cell Biology Section Chief - Dr. Stanislav Tomarev, Building 6, 212301-496-8524

Ophthalmic Genetics and Visual Function Branch - OGVFB

Chief - Dr. Brian Brooks, 10 CRC, Room 3-2531301-451-2238
Ophthalmic Clinical Genetics Section, Chief - Dr. Brett Jeffrey, Building 10, 10N109301-503-1305
Human Visual Function Section, Chief - Dr. Robert Hufnagel, Building 10, 10N109301-496-8300
Ophthalmic Molecular Genetics Section Chief - Dr. Fielding Hejtmancik, 5635 Fishers LN, Suite 1120301-496-8300
Ocular Stem Cells and Translational Research Section Chief - Dr. Kapil Bharti, Building 10, 10B10301-451-9372
Pediatric Developmental, and Genetic Ophthalmology Section Chief - Dr. Brian Brooks, Building 10, 10B11301-451-2238
Clinical and Translational Imagining Section Chief – Dr. Johnny Tam, Building 10, 10N109301-435-7821

Division of Extramural Science Programs - DESP

Acting Director, Dr. Kathleen Anderson, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400 301-827-4320
Acting Deputy Director, Dr. Sangeeta Bhargava, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400 301-435-8175


Angiogenesis and Immunology, Program Director - Dr. Nataliya Gordiyenko, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8162
Bioengineering and Technology, Program Director – Dr. Tony Gover, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-529-7370
Photoreceptor/RPE Biology Cell and Molecular Technologies, Program Director – Dr. Lisa A. Neuhold, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-443-5401
Retinal Diseases, Program Director – Dr. Grace L. Shen, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8169
Retinal Neuroscience, Program Director – Dr. Charles Wright, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-496-4281


Corneal Injury and Repair, Program Director - Dr. Tony Gover, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-529-7370
Ocular Pain, Program Director - Dr. Houmam Araj, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8166
Structure, Function, and Diseases of the Cornea, Program Director - Dr. George A. McKie, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8152

Lens and Cataract

Program Director - Dr. Houmam Araj, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8166

Glaucoma and Optic Neuropathies

Bioengineering and Technology, Program Director - Dr. Tony Gover, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-529-7370
Glaucoma, Program Director - Dr. Hongman Song, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-451-9768

Low Vision and Blindness Rehabilitation

Program Director - Dr. Cheri L. Wiggs, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-402-0276

Strabismus, Amblyopia and Visual Processing

Central Visual Processing, Program Director - Dr. Martha C. Flanders, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-827-5191
Myopia and Refractive Error, Program Director - Dr. Cheri L. Wiggs, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-402-0276
Oculomotor Systems, Program Director - Dr. Houmam Araj, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8166
Perception and Psychophysics, Program Director - Dr. Cheri L. Wiggs, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-402-0276
Strabismus and Amblyopia, Program Director - Dr. Houmam Araj, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8166

Collaborative Clinical Research

Collaborative Clinical Research, Program Director - Azadeh Shoaibi, PhD,  MHS, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8170
Program Director - Donald F. Everett, M.A., 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8181
Program Director - Dr. Mary Ann Redford, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8173
Program Director – Dr. Sangeeta Bhargava, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8175
Program Director – Dr. Jimmy Le, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8160

Research Training

Program Director - Dr. Neeraj Agarwal, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8155
Dr. Edwin C Clayton, Ph.D.301-480-9350

Research Resources

Conference Grants, Program Director - Dr. Houmam Araj, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8166
Informatics and Data Science, Program Director - Dr. James Gao, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-594-6074
Research Resource Officer, Program Director - Dr. Paek Lee, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8164

Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer

Program Director - Dr. Paek Lee, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8164
Program Director - Dr. Tony Gover, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-529-7370

Division of Extramural Activities – DEA

Director, Dr. Kathleen Anderson, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-827-4320
Review Specialist, Sharon Taylor301-435-7274
Secretary, B. Jill Payne301-435-8168
Program Specialist, Lateefah Hill 301-827-6127
Operations Coordinator, Lisa Applewhite   301-435-8156
Lead Program Analyst, Nathan Brown301-480-7076
Health Specialist, Keturah Williams301-827-2215

Scientific Review Branch - SRB

Chief - Dr. Brian A. Hoshaw, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-402-0566
Dr. Jeanette Hosseini, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-496-2456
Dr. Ashley Fortress, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-827-8613
Dr. Jennifer Schiltz, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-496-4103

Grants Management Branch - GMB

Chief - Karen Robinson-Smith, 6700B Rockledge, Suite 3400301-435-8178
Team LeadsPhone
Jay Colbert301-451-4714
Monique Clark301-451-4716

Grants Management Specialists

Shawn Adolphus301-827-7530
Renee Livshin301-435-8177
Leslie West-Bushby301-435-8176
Stephanie Blackford301-435-5588
Holly Blake301-451-1812
Alexandra Gavrilovic301-402-6399
Carissa Reilly-Weedon301-435-8170
Alysia Champagne301-435-8167


Last updated: January 31, 2024