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Availability of 11-cis-retinal

The National Eye Institute (NEI) funds the synthesis of small amounts of 11-cis-retinal as a resource for the vision research community. Individual researchers may request up to twenty (20) mg of the compound per year.

Priority for obtaining this scarce resource is given primarily to individuals who serve as Principal Investigators on NEI-funded research project grants, and secondarily to investigators pursuing other research projects involving studies of vision.

Requests should be submitted electronically, via email, with a brief justification and outline of the studies in which the 11-cis-retinal would be used.

All requests should be submitted Lisa A. Neuhold, Ph.D.


Lisa A. Neuhold, Ph.D
Group Leader, Fundamental Retinal Processes Program, Division of Intramural Research

If the request is approved, specific shipping instructions will be sent electronically. The chemical must be shipped COD on dry ice. Therefore, recipients will be asked to provide a shipping container suitable for dry ice shipments with a completed air bill from Federal Express, Purolator, DHL/Airborne, or similar carrier.

Last updated: June 26, 2019