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Genetic Resources and Information for Vision Researchers


NEIBank is a database of eye libraries and genes and proteins expressed in the eye and visual system maintained by the National Eye Institute (NEI).

Center for Inherited Disease Research (CIDR)

The CIDR provides genotyping and statistical genetics consultation services for investigators seeking to identify genes that contribute to human disease. NEI is one of twelve Institutes at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that support the center.

Applications to utilize the genotyping and sequencing resources of CIDR may be made through an X01 application.

Applications for whole exome and custom-targeted sequencing projects are also now available. Information about these services can be found at CIDR under Next Generation Sequencing.

Knockout mice with phenotypic data

The NIH has contracted with Deltagen Inc. and Lexicon Genetics Incorporated to provide the research community with access to approximately 250 lines of knockout mice which have been extensively characterized. Investigators who receive the knockout mice lines are free to publish any results from research involving the lines and also to seek patent or other intellectual property protection for any inventions and/or discoveries resulting from such research. 

Mutant mice

The NIH has funded the isolation of mouse lines with selected genetic mutations affecting nervous system function and behavior. These are available through the Northwestern University Neurogenomics Project, the Tennessee Mouse Genome Consortium, and the Neuroscience Mutagenesis Facility at the Jackson Laboratories.

Budgeting for the purchase of genomic arrays

This notice addresses the application of cost principles and reimbursement policy for high-throughput biomedical research under grant and contracts which require the purchase of the supply identified as Genomic Arrays.

Database of Genotype and Phenotype (dbGaP)

All investigators who receive NIH funding to conduct genome-wide analyses of genetic variation are expected to make their data available for secondary research. A new online system has been developed in order to reduce the burden of registering studies and requesting access to data in dbGaP.

NIH Policy for Enhancing the Science, Safety, and Ethics of Recombinant DNA Research 

The PhenX Toolkit

The National Human Genome Research Institute and the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research developed an administrative supplement program to promote the inclusion of standard phenotypic and environmental exposure measures into existing NIH-supported population-based genomic studies.

Policy for Sharing of Data Obtained in NIH Supported or Conducted Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) 

This document addresses data sharing procedures, data access principles, intellectual property, and issues regarding the protection of research participants through all phases of GWAS.

Last updated: July 8, 2019