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Joseph Soucy, Molecular Mechanisms Section, Laboratory of Retinal Cell and Molecular Biology

NEI summer intern program experiences

On August 8, 28 students from the 2013 NEI Summer Internship Program participated in the NIH Summer Research Program Poster Day. They explained their posters, what they did, and how it was accomplished.

Joseph Soucy, a senior at the University of Rochester in New York worked in the Molecular Mechanisms SectionLaboratory of Retinal Cell and Molecular Biology under the supervision of Dr. Eugenia Poliakov and Dr. T. Michael Redmond. With an interest in pursuing ophthalmology as a medical specialty, he came to NEI to gain some experience in vision research.

Joseph’s research focused on one of the enzymes that are responsible for converting beta-carotene into vitamin A. An understanding of these enzymes and their functions may be used to help improve or save a patient’s vision.

Joseph intends to go to medical school after college, and hopes to return to NEI to complete a post-baccalaureate research program for a year or so before beginning medical school. He stated that, “It is exciting to be a part of a research community among scientists whose interests match mine. I have gained an excellent foundation for science in both a research and clinical setting and I have found helpful, informative mentors here.”

Last updated: July 29, 2019