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Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Toolkit

Lead diabetic eye disease educational sessions in your community

The toolkit will help you and other health educators: 

  • Explain what diabetic eye disease is  
  • Educate people about protecting their vision  
  • Share tips for talking with eye doctors

Diabetes and Healthy Eyes

Download the materials on this page to lead an information session in your community.

Educational module

This module will help you and other health educators learn how to teach others about diabetic eye disease. 


Use this flipchart to educate people with diabetes about eye disease and how they can protect their vision. 


Participants can take these handouts home to learn more about diabetic eye disease and protecting their vision. 

Other resources

Check out these additional materials that will help you run a successful information session. 

More information about the Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Toolkit

Last updated: September 26, 2022