Lead eye health educational sessions with older adults in your community

Whether you want to lead a small educational session about vision and aging, create an educational program, enhance your existing health program, or simply print materials to hand out, the See Well for a Lifetime Toolkit has just what you need. This three-module education series can be presented together or on a stand-alone basis. Each module features a PowerPoint presentation, speaker’s guide, and tip sheets that you can use as handouts.

Module 1: Making vision a health priority

This module includes information about vision changes that can occur with age, the importance of comprehensive dilated eye exams, and what people can do to keep their eyes healthy. 

Module 2: Age-related eye diseases and conditions

This module includes information on age-related eye diseases and conditions that can cause permanent vision loss or blindness and what people can do to protect their vision.

Module 3: Low vision

This module includes information about low vision and vision rehabilitation, and questions to ask an eye care professional about low vision. 

Last updated: June 27, 2019