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Vision and Aging Videos

Use our audiovisuals to help people learn about comprehensive dilated eye exams and age-related eye diseases and conditions, and to promote eye health messages. Choose from our collection of educational videos.

Videos, animations, and audio

Age related macular degeneration (AMD)

See how age-related macular degeneration (AMD) affects vision and learn about treatment options and how to monitor changes in vision.

Age-related macular degeneration animation

This video looks at the causes of AMD, the leading cause of visual impairment in older adults.

Animación sobre la degeneración macular relacionada con la edad (Age-related macular degeneration animation)

Este video muestra qué causa la degeneración macular relacionada con la edad. Esta es la principal causa de deterioro visual en los adultos mayores en los Estados Unidos.


Discover how a cataract affects vision and learn about the signs, symptoms, and treatment options, including surgery.

Cataract animation

This video looks at the causes of a cataract, a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision.

Animación sobre la catarata (Cataract animation)

Este video muestra qué causa la catarata, una condición en la cual el lente (cristalino) del ojo se nubla, lo que afecta la visión.

Common vision problems

Learn about nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia, and how common vision problems can be detected and treated.

Comprehensive dilated eye exam animation

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Watch what an eye care professional sees when the pupil is dilated during a comprehensive dilated eye exam.

Detecting age-related macular degeneration through a dilated eye exam animation

Early signs of AMD can be detected through a comprehensive dilated eye exam.

Dry eye

Discover how dry eye affects the eyes and learn about the symptoms, treatment, and management options for dry eye.

Living with low vision

See how people with low vision can maintain their independence and quality of life through vision rehabilitation.

Viviendo con baja visión (Living with low vision)

Vea cómo las personas con baja visión pueden mantener su independencia y calidad de vida utilizando los servicios de rehabilitación visual.

Living with low vision: Stories of hope and independence (for health professionals)

Share this video, designed to help health professionals learn more about vision rehabilitation, with your colleagues and clients with low vision.


If you missed any of our webinars, you can watch them here. You can also access copies of the slides and transcripts for each.

Educating older Americans about their aging eyes

This webinar addresses how aging affects the eyes, why it is important to raise awareness about eye health among older adults, and what people can do to protect their sight as they age.

Download slides PDF (3.1MB)
Download transcript Word (101.5 KB)

Veo, veo (I see): Understanding the eye health education needs of older Hispanics/Latinos

As people age, their risk of eye disease and vision loss increases. This is especially true among Hispanics/Latinos, who are at higher risk for glaucoma and other age-related eye diseases and conditions. This webinar discusses what healthcare and other professionals can do to help educate Hispanic/Latino older adults about eye health and what they can do to protect their vision.

Download slides PDF (4.56 MB)
Download speaker’s notes PDF (4.1 MB)

Last updated: January 11, 2022