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Module 3: Low Vision

This module explains what low vision is, describes how people can find treatment and rehabilitation services, and offers tips for talking with eye care professionals about low vision.

Download Low Vision PowerPoint presentation PPT (4.13 MB)
Download Low Vision PowerPoint presentation PDF (543 KB)
A slide presentation that provides an overview of low vision, including causes, symptoms, and treatment. The presentation also covers how vision rehabilitation services and assistive devices can help people with low vision maintain their independence and quality of life.

Download Speaker’s guide PDF (1.63 MB)
The speaker’s text and notes on how to present information contained in the PowerPoint presentation.  

Download Promotional event announcement Word (430.5 KB)
Download Promotional event announcement PDF (127 KB)
An announcement to promote an educational event that can be customized with your organization’s name and the location, date, and time of the event.

Download Tips for talking to your eye care professional PDF (616 KB)
Suggestions on how to start the conversation with a doctor and what questions to ask to manage eye conditions.

Download Five simple solutions for managing medication PDF (747 KB)
Tips to help people with low vision manage their medication.

Download Living with Low Vision booklet PDF (8.63 MB)
Descargue Cómo vivir con baja visión PDF (6 MB)
A booklet that explains how to live with low vision and the benefits of vision rehabilitation to help people with low vision continue to live independently.

Download Parts of the eye PDF (260 KB)
An illustration that shows the parts of the eye.

Download Dilated eye exam PDF (1.25 MB)
A description of what’s involved in a comprehensive dilated eye exam.

Download Participant evaluation form PDF (123 KB)
A brief questionnaire to obtain feedback from participants.

Living with Low Vision video
A video on how people with low vision can regain or maintain independence and quality of life through vision rehabilitation.

Patient testimonials
Stories of hope and independence from people living with low vision.

Last updated: July 17, 2019