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Low Vision Information Session

Lead low vision information sessions in your community

Our educational module, Living with Low Vision: What You Should Know, has everything you need to lead an information session in your community. Materials are available in both English and Spanish. 

The module will help you and other health educators: 

  • Explain what low vision is 

  • Educate people about vision rehabilitation  

  • Share tips for talking with eye doctors  

Living with Low Vision: What You Should Know

Download the materials on this page to lead an information session in your community. 


This presentation teaches people about low vision, vision rehabilitation, and what they can do to live independently with vision loss. 



Speaker’s guide

This guide has talking points and ideas for presenters. 


This booklet explains vision rehabilitation and includes firsthand stories from people living with low vision. 


These videos show how people with vision loss can learn to make the most of their remaining vision and maintain their independence.  

Watch patient stories featuring people of all ages and backgrounds. (These videos are only available in English.) 

Last updated: July 15, 2019