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National Hispanic Medical Association


Established in 1994 in Washington, DC, the National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) is a nonprofit association representing the interests of 45,000 licensed Hispanic/Latino physicians in the United States. The vision of NHMA is to be the national leader in improving the health of Hispanic/Latino populations. The mission of NHMA is to empower Hispanic/Latino physicians to lead efforts to improve the health of Hispanic/Latino populations in collaboration with the state, regional, and local level Hispanic/Latino medical societies, resident and medical student organizations, and other public and private sector partners. As a rapidly growing national resource based in the Nation’s capital, NHMA provides policymakers and healthcare providers with expert information and support in strengthening health service delivery to Hispanic/Latino communities across the Nation. At its inception, NHMA held strategic planning meetings with physicians in five regions of the country, identifying the most critical issues they faced and took steps to define a blueprint of future activities in the following areas: delivery system, medical education, research, policy, and communications. In 1997, NHMA began convening its Annual Hispanic Health Conference in March each year in Washington, DC. The agenda includes expanding access to quality health care and increasing opportunities in medical education, cultural competence, and research for Hispanics/Latinos. Another focus is policy development and education efforts focused on eliminating health disparities faced by Hispanics/Latinos. The Board of Directors sets the priorities for NHMA’s advocacy agenda. NHMA works closely with the White House, federal agencies and Congress, the private sector, and foundations as well as national Hispanic/Latino organizations. As a member of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, NHMA meets regularly with federal officials to hold them accountable on Hispanic/Latino issues. NHMA also works closely with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on healthcare policy development. In addition, NHMA participates in coalitions with other organizations, focused on improving racial/ethnic disparities in health in the United States.

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Last updated: June 24, 2019