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NEHEP Partnership

The NEHEP Partnership is a national network of more than 60 public and private organizations committed to eye health education.

The Partnership establishes collaborative relationships between NEI and its members to promote eye health in communities across the nation.

NEI collaborates with NEHEP partners to:

  • Cross-promote campaigns, events, and resources on social media
  • Develop resources and tools with health professionals and health educators to raise awareness in their communities
  • Create and implement eye health-related campaigns
  • Support user testing and research with people living with vision loss or eye diseases

To learn about current NEHEP partners, visit the NEHEP Partnership Directory.

Partnership levels

NEHEP partners can engage at 3 different levels: contributors, collaborators, and ambassadors.

NEI and NEHEP created these levels to help set expectations, clarify partner responsibilities, and let partners know how they can engage with NEHEP. Organizations can choose their partnership level based on their interests, priorities, and capabilities.


Contributors are responsible for:

  • Submitting announcements and resources to the NEHEP newsletter, the Eye Health Connection
  • Promoting NEI and NEHEP announcements and resources through websites, newsletters, blogs, social media, events, and other communication channels
  • Collaborating with NEI to promote selected NEHEP awareness months and outreach efforts 


Collaborators have all the responsibilities of contributors, and are also responsible for:

  • Identifying opportunities to co-brand or co-create new materials or revise existing materials with NEHEP
  • Participating in evaluation of NEHEP materials as requested


Ambassadors have all the responsibilities of collaborators, and are also responsible for:

  • Joining a NEHEP workgroup if a relevant opportunity arises
  • Implementing programs and activities to expand NEHEP’s reach or to evaluate NEHEP’s efforts

Benefits of NEHEP partnership

The NEHEP Partnership encourages mutually beneficial engagement between NEHEP and partners. NEHEP partners receive many benefits based on their partnership level.


Partners in all levels benefit from promotion opportunities. Partners may be featured in the NEHEP Eye Health Connection newsletter, NEI’s social media channels, and the NEHEP Partnership Directory.


Partners in all levels benefit from the opportunity to network and form connections with other NEHEP partners and the NEHEP Planning Group through workgroups, summits, or other collaborative opportunities.

Material development

Collaborators and ambassadors can help develop materials, which may feature their logo. They can also help evaluate existing materials and programs.

Thought leadership

Ambassadors can participate in thought leadership through NEHEP workgroups. They can also identify new programs and activity opportunities.

If you have questions or want to learn more about joining the NEHEP Partnership, please email us at

Last updated: August 10, 2022