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NEI Office of Data Science and Health Informatics

Harnessing the power of data in vision research


The National Eye Institute (NEI) collects human data through clinical studies and trials in both its intramural and extramural divisions. Human data are notable for their complexity and lack of interoperability. Yet these data are used for the treatment of the patient from whom they derive. It is important to recognize and characterize the different types of health and healthcare data in order to articulate coherent and complete research questions and to develop treatment methodologies for blinding eye diseases and visual impairment. The Office of Data Science and Health Informatics (ODSHI) coordinates existing activities within the NEI, and across NIH, and other government agencies to provide a nidus for new trans-agency programs in data collection, data sharing and data interoperability. ODSHI works to accelerate scientific discovery, foster collaborative research, and ultimately improve public health through the application of scientific data and knowledge management in the eye health sciences.

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Events and Announcements

NEI/NIBIB/All of Us: Opportunities for Ophthalmology Research in Large Research Cohorts Workshop (Summary NOW AVAILABLE)

This workshop, co-hosted in April by the National Eye Institute (NEI), the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB), and the All of Us Research Program (All of Us), explored the current state of the field, opportunities to expand research with large retinal imaging cohorts, and the data and analytical tools needed to advance the research.

NEI-FDA-ONC Joint Workshop on Promoting Adoption of Ocular Imaging Standards (Summary NOW AVAILABLE)

This virtual NEI, FDA, and ONC hosted workshop focused on delineating the state of the science and improving interoperability among ocular imaging modalities and devices to improve biomedical research and patient care.

NEI Ocular Imaging Standards RFI: Executive Summary  May 2022

In early 2022, the National Eye Institute (NEI) issued a Request for Information (RFI) regarding ocular imaging standards. This RFI requested input regarding eight questions. An executive summary of the responses is provided.   

NEI Strategic Plan: Vision for the Future (2021-2025)

Data Science has been included as one of the 7 areas of emphasis in the 2021 NEI Strategic Plan – see how NEI has highlighted important perspective and expertise on this topic.


Seminar Series

NEI Informatics & Data-Driven Insights: Seminars & Dialogue Opportunities for Vision Health

The NEI Office of Data Science and Health Informatics (ODSHI) cordially invites you to join us for an engaging series of lecture events and dialogues throughout 2024. These gatherings will showcase esteemed experts from academia, industry, non-profits, government sectors, and others who will delve into their cutting-edge work on topics at the intersections of health informatics and data for vision science. The series will provide opportunities for dialogue between audience members and with the expert speakers. Embracing a diverse spectrum of topics, these events will highlight the breadth of ongoing research, the pertinent gaps and challenges therein, and the promising opportunities on the horizon. 

Data Sharing

NEI is dedicated to accelerating vision research by sharing impactful data.

NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

NIH has a longstanding commitment to making the results of NIH-funded funded research available.  Responsible data management and sharing has many benefits, including accelerating the pace of biomedical research, enabling validation of research results, and providing accessibility to high-value datasets.

National Ophthalmic Disease Genotyping and Phenotyping Network (eyeGENE®)

eyeGENE® is a genomic medicine initiative that’s facilitating research into the causes and mechanisms of rare inherited eye diseases and accelerate pathways to treatments. 

National Eye Institute Data Commons

Offers a central source for NEI biomedical digital objects including data sets, software and analytical workflow, metadata, standards, and publications. 

NIH Common Data Elements (CDE) Repository

Designed to provide access to structured human and machine-readable definitions of data elements that have been recommended or required by NIH Institutes and Centers and other organizations for use in research and for other purposes. 

ODSHI Contacts

Last updated: March 5, 2024