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Visual NeuroPlasticity Workshop

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January 10, 2024

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM ET

Purpose: The synaptic basis of neuroplasticity may involve long term potentiation or depression (LTP/LTD), but there are also many possible polysynaptic, cellular, circuit, and behavioral mechanisms. In the visual system alone, myriad concepts guide research at the various levels of inquiry including: synapse formation/maintenance, adaptive/maladaptive, experience dependent/homeostatic, familiarity/learning and memory/recovery of function.  The goal of this workshop is to bring together various lines of investigation for a better understanding of the full process.

The workshop will be virtual, and is free to attend. The event will be live captioned. For questions or other reasonable accommodations to participate, please contact Alicia Kerr ( at least 72 hours prior to the event.

Colorful neurons with synapse highlighted.
Oculomotor learning is a classic example of neuroplasticity, involving cerebellar synapses, brain circuits, and visual signals. Circuit tracing using Brainbow multicolor labeling. Three-dimensional reconstruction of cerebellar mossy fiber axons and granule cells. A mossy fiber contact with a granule cell is visible (indicated by the white arrowhead). Reproduced with permission from Weissman, T.A, et al. Generating and Imaging Multicolor Brainbow Mice. Cold Spring Harb Protoc. (2011); (7):763-9; Image courtesy of Joshua R. Sanes.

Sessions, Topics and Speakers:

Session 1: Cortical cellular mechanisms

Lindsey Glickfeld, Chair

Ocular dominance plasticity, Betsy Quinlan
Ensemble formation through intrinsic plasticity, Rafa Yuste 
Neuronal tuning via diverse synaptic inputs, David Fitzpatrick

Session 2: Functional reorganization

Marlene Behrmann, Chair

Neural adaptations in visual impairment, Ione Fine 
Perceptual development in sight recovery, Pawan Sinha 
Oculomotor rehabilitation, Tara Alverez

Session 3: Subcortical mechanisms

JC Cang, Chair

Sensory plasticity beyond the critical period, Hey-Kyoung Lee
Synaptic tuning in visual thalamus, Chinfei Chen
Experience-dependence in superior colliculus, Jennifer Hoy

Session 4: Retinal remodeling

Alapakkam Sampath, Chair

Cellular responses to photoreceptor degeneration, Bryan Jones
Adaptive compensatory mechanisms, Greg Field
Preservation of function, Daniel Kerschensteiner
Astrocytes in synapse formation and maintenance, Cagla Eroglu


Alicia Kerr

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