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The Division of Intramural Research Seminar Series

A public lecture series, hosted by the NEI Intramural Research Program on the National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda, Maryland. 

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Thursdays, Noon to 1 p.m. ET 

Hybrid format:
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ID: 160-821-8065
Passcode: 121212

Upcoming Events

February 22, 2024 Hybrid event (in-person and online)
Felice Dunn, Ph.D.
University of California, San Francisco
Mature retina is resilient to partial photoreceptor loss
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March 14, 2024 Hybrid event (in-person and online)
Elizabeth Buffalo, Ph.D.
University of Washington
Mechanisms of Memory and Cognition
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April 18, 2024 Hybrid event (in-person and online)
Catherine Bowes-Rickman, Ph.D.
Duke University
The promise of complement-based therapies for dry AMD

May 2, 2024 Hybrid event (in-person and online)
Jennifer Chao, M.D.
University of Washington
CFH haploinsufficiency in early onset macular drusen

May 30, 2024 Hybrid event (in-person and online)
Teresa Puthussery, O.D., Ph.D.
University of California, Berkeley
Resolving the functions of novel primate retinal ganglion cell types: a multimodal approach

June 13, 2024 Hybrid event (in-person and online)
Tirin Moore, Ph.D.
Stanford University/Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Shared neural circuitry of visuomotor integration and visual cognition

Past Events

February 1, 2024 Hybrid event (in-person and online)
Massimo Scanziani, Ph.D.
University of California, San Francisco/Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Orienting eye movements in dreams and wakefulness

December 14, 2023 
Edward Pugh, Ph.D.
University of California, Davis
Water's at the Heart of Vision: how water movement in opsins allows phototransduction to be investigated in photoreceptors in vivo

November 30, 2023 (Virtual Only)
Lore Thaler, Ph.D.
Durham University
Echolocation in blind and sighted humans

October 12, 2023 (Virtual Only)
Pearse Keane, M.D.
University College London, UK
Transforming eye care with artificial intelligence

November 2, 2023 (Virtual and in-person at Bldg 31C, Rm A/B)
Kwabena Boahen, Ph.D.
Stanford University
Brain in silico

Last updated: February 13, 2024