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Glaucoma and Optic Neuropathies

The NEI supports a broad range of basic and clinical research to:

  • Identify the genes that contribute to the pathophysiology of all the forms of glaucoma
  • Establish a consensus definition of OAG (Open Angle Glaucoma) and standardize tools to assess its various phenotypes
  • Develop an end-point measure for OAG
  • Investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in aqueous humor dynamics including the inflow and outflow pathways and the tissues comprising them
  • Explore neuroprotection as an approach for prolonging RGC function and survival
  • Identify the specific antigenic targets of the aberrant immune response in uveitis and scleritis and determine the role of antigens derived from apoptotic cells in disease
  • Identify genes, transcription factors, and signaling molecules involved in optic nerve degeneration/regeneration
  • Develop experimental approaches comparing models that differ in their optic nerve regenerative capacity, such as fish versus mammal

Program Directors

Bioengineering and Technology
Tony Gover, Ph.D.

Development and Regeneration
Thomas N. Greenwell, Ph.D.

Hongman Song, MD

Last updated: August 8, 2023