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Programs and Research Priorities

The research projects supported by the National Eye Institute (NEI) address the leading causes of blindness and impaired vision in the United States. The NEI supports a broad range of basic and clinical research, clinical trials, epidemiologic studies, research training, and career development in the sciences related to vision.

NEI frequently supports studies utilizing model organisms and systems that are applicable to understanding problems in human vision. In general, NEI does not fund studies of phototropism, invertebrate light-gathering proteins, bacteriorhodopsin, or Chlamydomonas.

The goals and research priorities of each NEI program are described below, however, they are not intended to be an all-inclusive compilation of areas of interest to NEI. Investigators are encouraged to review NEI’s Strategic Plan and contact one of the NEI extramural Program Directors to discuss research, training, or career development plans.


Last updated: December 3, 2021