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Low Vision and Blindness Rehabilitation

The NEI supports a broad range of basic and clinical research to:

  • Investigate multisensory processes, cross-modal plasticity, and cortical reorganization in visually impaired individuals
  • Increase our understanding of different types of visual impairment (e.g., limited vision use) in complex or applied settings
  • Create and validate vision tests relevant for the tasks of daily living and rehabilitative goals
  • Design mobile assistive devices and navigation resources to enhance wayfinding
  • Develop new adaptive technologies to improve access to internet, print, graphic display, and educational resources
  • Characterize the level of acceptable visual enhancement using aids and prosthetics
  • Identify co-morbidities that interact with vision impairment and their influence on rehabilitation needs and outcomes
  • Develop and test visual rehabilitation models and training paradigms

Program Director

Cheri L. Wiggs, Ph.D.

Last updated: August 3, 2021